Agnes, Warsaw PL

Agnes' real transformation story.

'' I have been practicing yoga with Alina for the last few months and it has been the best gift that I have given to myself. I love the magic moments that I have just for myself, being on my mat, in the comfort of my home. I experience tremendous changes in my body and my attitude. My posture has improved significantly. I used to have severe back and knee pain, that disappeared after a month of yoga practice! I now walk straight up with more confidence. Yoga changes my attitude towards myself everyday.. Once, I disliked my body, especially my legs, now I think they are lean, muscular and, above all, they serve me well. What I have experienced during the yoga programme is truly beyond my imagination. Before, I couldn't breathe and now breathing has become a conscious act. I have fallen in love with yoga, and I am looking forward to the coming session with joy. I am so grateful for being encouraged by Alina to enter the journey of yoga, discovering myself through the self. Thank you. Agnes"

Agnes, Warsaw, PL