Ellie, London

Alina is such an inspiration. Her style is encouraging, caring, attentive and... joyful.

I have been practicing yoga for several years, attending many different classes, learning from lots of different instructors and Alina is one of the best yoga instructors I've ever experienced. Her style is encouraging, caring, attentive and, most of all, joyful. She was really good at challenging me, making me feel more confident about my own yoga practice. I especially liked how Alina provided individual attention and helped me make adjustments so that I could do the asanas more correctly.

I also did a yoga nidra class with Alina and I found this guided meditation incredibly relaxing and restorative.

I have been considering doing a yoga teacher training course myself and after chatting with Alina I have booked myself on one of the courses that she completed and recommended for me. If I am able to be even a fraction as competent in my yoga practice as Alina is I will be very grateful.

Thank you Alina for being such an inspiration! Ellie x''