Tania, Brighton

Enlightening and transformative experience. Alina is challenging, yet gentle and supportive. She encouraged us to explore our limits.

''I joined Alina’s classes for 10 days during a yoga retreat in Italy.

I absolutely loved Alina’s style of teaching and her challenging, yet gentle and supportive approach. She took time to really connect with each of us and encouraged us to explore our limits. Time was taken to focus on each of the asanas and find the correct alignment and I feel that my practice has hugely benefitted as a result.

Over the 10 days I practiced with Alina, I achieved things I never felt possible, such as mastering my headstand! This felt a massive accomplishment and made me realise I can achieve anything I set my mind to. it has also given me the confidence to continue my daily practice at home.

I always left Alina’s classes feeling strong, energised and relaxed. The whole experience was both enlightening and transformative and I would highly recommend Alina's classes to anyone looking to improve their practice and reconnect with themselves.

Much love and gratitude. Tania’’