Soooooo happy to be offering exclusively in Poland & Central Europe amazing yoga clothing, made by Liquido Active, and adored by international yoga master Kino MacGregor.


Unique. Beautiful design. Extreme comfort. Super soft.
Made of Biodegradable Eco Fabrics, and smart technologies (Emana, Lycra, Amni Soul Eco). 

Fitting the body perfectly. Breathable. Allowing freedom of the movement and great performance.


''Przymierzyłam, są cudowne! Dziękuję. Takie wygodne. Mnóstwo firm próbowałam, ale te od razu się czuje, że super jakość.'' K.  
''They are amazing! Thank you. So comfortable. I tried many brands, and as only as I put those pants on I immediately felt the top quality' K. 
''Są absolutnie piękne''. M. /  '''Just totaly beautiful''. M